Transfer and use your existing phone numbers or choose a new telephone number that you can own and keep as long as you need to.
Using a toll free number improves your company's image and removes locality of your products and services. Toll-Free includes numbers with area codes 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 and 844. People can call these numbers from anywhere in the United States free of charge; however, the owner of the number will be charged per-minute for all incoming calls.
Transfer your existing phone number to ReachME or choose a local phone number from hundreds of available area codes.
Choose a telephone number from over 60 countries. Call to these numbers can be transfered to one or more telephone numbers.
Directory listings are available for residential and business users. You can list your local phone numbers in 411 directory to make sure that customers can find you or your business.
Complete, robust calling platforms and PBX functionality hosted in secure, reliable with a state-of-the-art back-up and redundant servers.
Manage your settings and routings by phone, computer or your mobile device at any time from anywhere.
Multi-level, customizable, interactive voice responce(menu options) with a custom greeting to provide pre-recorded information or transfer to multiple extensions or cellphones.
We offer the most advanced and flexible custom routings based on the caller ID or area code of the caller. Options include call blocking, sending directly to the voicemail, transfering callers to one or a group of stations, conversation recording and many more customizable routings. In addition, you can handle anonymous callers differently from the regular calls.
Complete call logs(CDR - call detailed report) for all inbound, outbound and intercom calls with sophisticated search and sorting capability.
Use custom on hold music or choose from many universal hold music options as well as capability to play streaming audio and online radio music.
Provide single or multi digit extensions for employees, departments or information mailboxes. You can also provide direct numbers for any employees or departments.
Allow callers to find your extension by name.
Full featured barge-in capability to break into an ongoing call to be able to monitor and coach your employees.
Manage your services, view call logs and listen to messages as a single user, department head or system administrator.
If you are requiring your caller to answer multiple questions, you can prompt them with the questions one at a time and you will receive one message in your voicemail box with all of their answers combined. Additionally you can receive voice and numeric messages in the question answer format.
We offer high capacity call conferencing feature with a secure pin number. You can assign different pin numbers for callers to join in as full participant(hear and speak) or monitor(hear only).
Automatically and interactively route your calls to one or a group of extensions, cellphones, landlines or after hour voicemail based on the day of the week and the time of the day. Calls can be routed to multiple destinations simultaneously or with delays as well as one at a time to ensure every call is answered. Destination numbers can be changed easily by phone, cellphone or online.
You can record all or selected phone conversations. Recorded calls can be emailed as well as downloaded from our portal.
Allows operator to be aware of the status of ongoing calls of the other employees, i.e. to know if the employee is on the phone and to answer a ringing call(call intercept). This feature also provides one touch transfers to other extensions or employees cellphones.
Calls can be parked and subsiquently retrieved by any extension. We offer designated call spots as well as parking pool so calls can be queued and answered by other empoyees.
ReachME can screen your callers by asking for their names and allows you to accept or send the caller to voicemail. ReachME can also record the conversation of the accepted call if you desire.
Intercom with any users anywhere in the world as well as join in a three-way call with other users. Answered or dialed calls can be transfered to other extensions or a group of extensions. We offer blind transfers and supervised transfers which allow you to speak to the transfered party before completing the transfer.
Broadcasts announcements to one or multiple phones by using overhead paging device.
Reachme can email and text messages, faxes, sms, answered and missed calls to one or more recipients.
Incoming calls can be transfered to live extensions or sent to voicemail after business hours automatically or manually.
Calls can be forwarded to any local or international phone numbers as well as free Internet hard and soft phones.
You can create passcodes to ensure that you are the only one answering certain calls.
You can set muplitple caller IDs to choose from when calling other phone numbers for either all the calls or on a per call basis.
ReachME provides you with a voicemail, sending faxes over the Internet and capability to set up custom greetings.
Reachme provides a state of the art and feature full voicemail which can utilize multiple greetings changeable manually or automatically based on the day of the week and the time.
You can receive faxes in one or multiple emails. To send faxes you can email your documents as an attachement to ReachME so we can fax it to the recipient. In addition, you can upload your documents using our online portal to be converted to fax and sent to the recipient.
Your callers press a key to skip the greeting and immediately leave you a message.
When a caller is leaving a voice message, at the end of the message they can have the option to re-record, append, or cancel. You can also turn this feature off which will save the message without prompting your callers.
All the deleted messages and faxes will be stored in the recycle bin so you will have a chance to recover them at a later time. Optionally you can turn off this feature so messages and faxes will be deleted immediately from our system.
When listening to the messages, you can call them back by a touch of a button if the CallerID was not blocked.
You can copy your messages to other users' voicemail boxes.
You can keep your important messages, faxes and recorded conversations for the entire life of your service(they will not expire).
ReachME services can be used with all (SIP)VoIP phones, soft phones,cellphones and landlines. In addition you can continue using your legacy analog phone system(PBX) with adapters. We support all SIP conference phones and overhead paging devices. We offer state ot the art Cisco, Polycom and the most reputable IP phone manufaturers for purchase, lease to own or rental. However, you can purchase any IP phone(SIP compatible) from your favourite online store.

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