No need for the expense of a dedicated fax line. All your faxes can be sent to one or more emails as well as texted to the cellphones allowing for an easy and fast way of retrieving them. In addition, all your faxes are kept in our servers for an extended period of time; they can be searched and viewed from the backoffice portal.

You can retrieve your faxes via web, email and fax machine from anywhere in the world. Send or forward .pdf, .doc or .txt files to any fax number.

To send faxes you can simply type a message using our online portal or upload the documents to be sent. As well as you can email your documents so we can convert them to a faxable format and send them to your desired recipients. You will receive a confirmation email. Store your forms, brochures or documents so your callers can automatically retrieve them from your ReachME Virtual Office.

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